General contract rental terms

Rental equipment winter

Handover of rental equipment

The renter agrees to the rental equipment upon acceptance on vulnerable check for defects and report them to the landlord before concluding the contract.

Protective gear

This is not mandatory, but the landlord recommends a helmet to wear and to pay attention to good winter clothing.


The total rent, including VAT, is payable before the rental.


The tenant confirms with the conclusion of the lease on both a liability insurance as well as a comprehensive insurance to dispose and that, therefore, all the risks that a ride on skis, snowboards and sleds can be covered, are sufficiently covered. The conclusion of an accident insurance is also up to the renter. All claims are the landlord immediately to report, also an accident log is to be completed.

Use of rental equipment

The rental equipment is, according to the information provided by the landlord, with the required care and to properly use and maintain care. Extreme off-road and racing missions are prohibited.
The renter may not make any changes to the rental equipment. In case of confiscation of the rental equipment, the property of the dealer must be informed immediately.
The renter commits himself to use the rental equipment exclusively for himself. Sublease is only with the consent of the landlord.

Minimum age of the renter

Children and adolescents under the age of 18 may rent the equipment only under the supervision of a adult person or with the written permission of the legal representative.

Repairs and maintenance

At home and abroad, repairs, maintenance periods and repairs of breakdowns at the Rental equipment can only be carried out by authorized dealers. Does the tenant leave this work to carry out by other persons, it carries the costs itself. The tenant cannot claim cleaning, towing and replacement equipment costs.


In case of breach of contract by the renter this has the lessor the resulting to fully compensate for damage. Any compensation for contract violations will be covered by the Landlord away.

Return of rental equipment

The renter agrees to return the rental equipment in a proper condition with all accessories and all documents and cleaned at the agreed place at the agreed time.
If the rental equipment is not returned at the agreed time, then it leaves the Landlord pick up at the expense of the tenant.
In case of damage to the rental equipment, which on the occasion of the transfer is not already in writing a written record of damage is recorded or that is not due to contractual use. The tenant is liable to the landlord for all through the reconstruction of rental equipment costs incurred.

Final provisions

Verbal collateral agreements are invalid, our general contract rental terms are valid. A right of retention of the renter to the rental equipment is locked out.